HVAC system Electric Thermostat Effectively Temperature Control



1. Can adjust freely during 5℃~35℃,and display the indoor temperature. The indoor temperature can also displayed even thermostat in power-off condition;

2. 8 hours automatic timer power on/off;

3. 4 regular Fan speed adjustment mode

4. Can connected to 2 wire or 3 wire motorized valve (2 way or 3 way) or air damper;

5. Cooling, heating mode;

6. NTC Thermostat fault alarm;

7. Initial setup temperature(25℃) can be adjusted;


Standard configuration


Fan coil unit and motorized valve control;

8 hours automatic timer;

Fan coil unit wind speed conversion--. High, Medium, Low, Automatic;

Color of character displayed: Green;

Shell pieces for the silver or white colors.




1. Install the thermostat on the indoor wall vertically. The distance to the ground be about 1.5m so as to make sure the thermostat can get sufficient air and fix the room temperature.

2. Make sure the thermostat be placed away from direct light, windows and doors and cooking equipment or other heat sources.

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